Pay it Forward

Newton’s Third Law is our jam and it’s the moral compass we use to navigate life. We believe that when we do something kind for another person, be it large or small, we’re making a positive difference on this earth; putting out good karma and encouraging love (and who doesn’t love love?).

So, to help encourage the bon vibes, we’ve put in a little reminder with all of our products; a fun little card that reminds you Pay It Forward. All you have to do is see an opportunity in your day to be kind, considerate or helpful (or all three) and help make that persons day a little sunnier. After you’ve done your good deed, give them your Third Law Pay It Forward Card, which will remind them to thank you by passing on the love and helping someone else, keeping the love moving forward. Doesn’t that just give you the warm and fuzzies?

At Third Law, we want to create so much love and kindness in the world we can’t even see through it, so join our cause, spread the love and pass on your kindness - it’s too good just to keep to yourself.