Crystal Collection


This watch is for all you baes out there that love your style chic and your crystals positively charged. As you know, at Third Law, we believe that the energy you put out into the world is what will come right back at you. Focusing this energy, manifesting it and radiating it outwards daily will sure to make the world a better place. Designed with good-vibes-only, this watch comes in 5 colours along with some kick-arse manifestation cards and bon crystals to suit - everything you need to feed your inner boho. Not only that, but all of our watches come with our Pay It Forward card - a little something for you to pass on to people when you do a good dead, keeping the good energy following day to day.

Don’t forget, we’re a proud partner of Kiva and by purchasing a Third Law watch you have contributed $5.00 towards supporting women around the world.